Smurfs : The Lost Village - IFX Movie Day

It was the Melaka Historical City day last Saturday. A fine weekend with family and friends (who work at the same Great Place as I do) at the GSC Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, for another Movie Day organized by the IFX executive recreation club, Club81. This time round, the movie of choice - Smurfs : The Lost Village.

As mentioned in my previous post (, originally I had in plan to watch the slightly-controversial-awhile-ago Beauty and the Beast. With the rest of the movies offered being somewhat unsuitable for kids, this was basically the only feasible choice left. I try to keep the rest of this post spoiler-free.... :)

Where Beauty and the Beast was a live-action remake of the cartoon, Smurfs : The Lost Village is a fully animated show. Seems to be a reboot of the movie series, as the earlier 2 movies from Sony Entertainment Pictures was a live-action + CGI combo. While there was no practical way to make a Smurf an…

Demerit Points System (Kejara) goes online in Malaysia

Significant news for all drivers in Malaysia. Some say good, some say not, depending on what kind of road user you are. From 15 April 2017, the Kejara Demerit Points System goes online nationwide, and ushers in a new era of traffic law enforcement. Ultimately, aimed at increasing road safety by taking action (by means of suspension and even revoking the driving license) of frequent traffic offenders.

Now, for those new to the topic (or need a refresher), Kejara is short for KEsalahan JAlan RAya (or traffic offences, in English). Under this Demerit Point System, each driver will be "awarded" points for each traffic offense under the Road Transport Act 1987. For the initial phase, the main focus will be on (but not limited to) speeding and running through red lights. More will be added in due course. 23 in total, to be exact, planned by the end of the year.

A quick search on the JPJ website reveals the following information on how various offenses are "scored":


[Upcoming Event] - 3D 2N Camping @ Berkelah Waterfalls, Gambang (off Kuantan, Pahang)

Fresh from the recent hardcore 4x4 adventure to Selancar ( and Blood donation campaign (, the Puma 4x4 Club is organizing the next camping off-road event to Gambang (off Kuantan, Pahang).

This trip will take place during the 3 day weekend at the end of April 2017 (as Monday, 1st May is a public holiday due to Labour Day). Actually, the plan is to assemble at the Puma 4x4 Office / Club House @ Malim Jaya at 2.00am on Saturday, 29 April 2017. Yes, you read it correctly - 2.00am. So, it' essential to get everything prepared and catch some sleep early the night before.

Entry fees are RM150 per non-member and RM100 per member. If there's any one of you who would like to join, more information can be found at the Puma 4x4 event page :

Unfortunately, this trip also clashes w…

Beauty & the Beast - an outing to GSC, Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

I was tied up for the past two weeks engaged with my European counterparts, who were here for business trips. Thus, before the next wave of visitors arrived, I took some time off on an uneventful 2nd half day to bring my family to the movies. This time, it was to watch the live action Disney remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast. Clarification / disclaimer : this is not a movie review post.

The original plan was to watch the show for the Infineon Melaka Club81 Movie Day. However, due to some complications last month that resulted in a temporary ban of this movie, the show was no longer offered, even after the reversal of the ban by the Malaysian Authorities. This incident postponed the release from 16 Mar 2017 to 30 Mar 2017. Quite a storm in a tea cup, as you can search the Internet for news on credible sites such as :

Not wanting to disappoint my kids, especially my daughter, I planned a family …

Staying Healthy at the Bukit Serindit Recreational Park, Melaka

While there's no denying that Melaka is a relatively small state on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, there are some popular exercise spots which are always bustling with activity, especially on weekends or holidays. One such location is the Bukit Serindit Recreational Park, which is situated close to the heart of Melaka Town. Among the various activities here include : jogging, group exercise (aerobics, etc.), cycling, skating, playground.

Like many others, I personally feel that regular outdoor activity is an essential ingredient to maintain a health, balanced lifestyle. Especially important to start developing the habit in my kids from an early age. The Bukit Serindit Recreational Park is an old time favourite, as it's located within 15 minutes drive (depending on traffic conditions). The authorities have done their job here, as the park is quite well maintained. Park cleaners keep the walkways and landscape presentable, and the facilities are maintained and repaired …

Weekly fuel price revision starts in Malaysia

After much debating and deliberation, the government has finally kicked off the weekly fuel price revision in Malaysia. How does this mechanism work exactly? Well, to you and me, the fuel prices will be announced every Wednesday, and take effect from midnight (that's 12.00AM, Thursday morning).

Of course, the calculation behind the fuel prices are still a mystery, so we can only guess based on the price of oil as a global commodity, whether or not to fill up by Wednesday or wait until the next day. Play this guessing game each week, and after awhile, everyone will just resign themselves to accepting this new system.

There's some talks that soon, petrol station operations will be able to apply to to offer discounts, but so far nothing official yet from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism. This floating pricing is a far cry from the system we had before 2015, where prices were fixed by the authorities, but was subsidized by the taxpayers. Still not quit…

Blog Makeover (New Contempo Theme, Dark Variant)

With the clean up and restart of "MCWK on" as of beginning 2017, it's only fair to include a makeover for a fresh new look. Browsing through the 4 new themes available (the other 3 being Soho, Emporio and Notable), I settled for this one (Contempo). Considerably darker than the previous one, hope the new look doesn't conflict with the light-hearted nature of this blog. My next task will be to find a new cover photo to replace the default "forest at midnight" one, as well as update my profile photo (with a decent self portrait, which I hope does not look too much like a selfie).

As for the name, I'm sticking with the "" which is the old name before the gracious free host changed to "Blogger" as we know it today. I find that "Blogger" is too generic, as it's also a term used to describe "one that blogs". At least it's still around, not like (ah, that brings back memorie…